Storage and resupply for digital nomads, vagabonds, expatriates, flashpackers, minimalists, location-independent workers, travelers, NGO volunteers, military, retirees and anyone who needs to store some stuff and access it from anywhere.

Storage priced by usage starting at $15/month.

20% discount for active duty military.

Location-independent workers and travelers
Pack and carry less
Send stuff home instead of carrying it around
Get your stuff sent to you anywhere when you need it
Digital nomads and flashpackers
Unload and store while traveling

Cloud Storage For Real Stuff

Travelers and nomads often end up carrying stuff they want to keep but don't need to use. Lugging a winter coat around Hawaii, or snorkeling gear in Colorado? Do too much shopping in New York? Unload your pack and store your stuff securely so you can travel light.


Resupplying while traveling can be difficult and expensive. Get new boots, your favorite shampoo, replacement glasses, or a new laptop battery while on the road. Order from US-based merchants, ship to TripLocker and we'll get it to you when you need it. We'll even shop for you.

Retrieve From Anywhere

See what's in your locker and request a shipment anytime, to (almost) anywhere. Consolidate shipments so you can get the laptop battery you ordered in the same package as a new Icebreaker shirt. We can send the gifts you bought to friends and family back home.

Premium Service

TripLocker caters to digital nomads, location-independent workers, expats any anyone who travels frequently or lives abroad. We offer traveler-specific services such as resupply, cleaning and repair, and taking care of things not easily done while traveling.

Storage & Security

We store your stuff in a secure climate-controlled building. No boxes piled high in a big warehouse exposed to cold, heat, or moisture. Only bonded TripLocker employees have access. We don't open your packages unless you ask us to.

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